Thursday, July 17, 2008

working on my writng, plus we had a power-outage today.
(which kept me from showering or exercising, and from finishing the veg I tired to make to go with Linner/dunch. But I did work on my laptap till the battery ran out)
I hit 71,789 words. I had set 70,000 as the bar, so I have reached it. :)
Something I never thought I would be able to do.
Of course this last section I just finished putting in today, The Letters, has many messy sections, and needs to be organized better, and I imagine 2,000 words will be cut by the time I am done with that process.
But still I am pleased to have made it this far, and I am not done with the first rough draft, so it should surely be longer than 70,000 words. Which is a bit of a relief, because I was always worried it would be too short.
Then again who knows, how short it will be, after I finish the first rough draft, and go in and tidy the story up.

In related news, can tell the boys not thrilled that I am giving my time and energy to paper
(except for the cat, who likes knowing I will be sitting in one spot for long stretches of time)


strugglingwriter said...

70,000 is great. I'm stuck at the 51,000 word mark, although I've been doing mostly rewrites.

Taffiny said...


Thanks. My word count went up more today, but because I didn't work on any editing it actually feels like I am moving farther away, rather than closer to my goal. Like I just dumped in a lot more stuff, I will need to tidy up (aka cut out).

I don't know if stuck is the right word for you. Seems rather than actually being stuck, you are instead, using your writing group, to help you edit, re-write, rework, those 51,000 words.(plus you have entered lots of contest, on web, and newspaper). All of which I am sure, are making you a much better writer, which will help you greatly when you decide to work on moving your story along further into the future.