Sunday, July 27, 2008

Friday was Christmas in July

here is a clearly blurry picture

I was pleased with the way the window turned out, considering
that this winter, I forgot to buy the spray frost and snow stuff to cover the french doors in our kitchen. When I went out this past week looking for it, the sales people thought I was nuts...."um not now, but like around Christmas time you can find it"
So I used soap, wet soap,

and for the snowman and snowcat, I used white icing. (and sprinkles)

Cheese was pleased. I wrapped and hid a video game in the cookie tin, and chocolates in his stocking.
(I wish I would have put a few in my own)
I am rather positive he knows it is me (he wondered aloud what brand the chocolate covered pretzels I put in the syrup dispenser were). But still he enjoys it. Waking up midsummer to christmas decorations, some treats on the christmas cookie plate (first year I did it, with hot chocolate and sugar cookies. But Cheese never goes to bed at a reasonable hour, and gets up and down all night, so I am a bit too worn out to be ambitious.) and christmas music, and christmas cartoons on TV.

I wonder if he is soon to be too old for these extra holidays, or if I will be doing them till he goes off to college?

The week of them, I am quite stressed out, and especially on the night of the eve, when I am up til 2am when things go well, and past 4 when they don't, I think, "I really should stop doing this. Why am I doing this?" but then if in the morning Cheese is buzzing all about the house chattering merrily, then I feel it was all worth it. (unlike this easter which did not go well).
It will surely be more relaxing in future years when this time has past, will also be a bit sad.


Absolute Vanilla (& Atyllah) said...

Oh that's so cool! And I love your decorations.
Some people here celebrate "Christmas in July" - a lot of restaurants do special menus - and that's mostly because having traditional Christmas in the height of summer (as we do) just seems so weird!

strugglingwriter said...

You are such an awesome mother. That is so cool. I really liked the snowman and the snowcat!

Taffiny said...



Ooh, special menus, suddenly I'm hungry.

Yeah I could certainly see that, when the seasons are opposite, Christmas in July sounds, right.
Cocoa, cookies, Christmas.


:) aw shucks. I have my moments, both good ones and bad ones. I do try to make up for the only child thing.

I am so pleased you like the snowman and snowcat! You have no idea how foolish I felt, at 2am, in the kitchen, using the light from the basement (so it would not be all bright downstairs and obvious), making figures with frosting, using a toothpick to apply sprinkles for faces, and rosemary for arms. I thought oh goodness if he doesn't like this, then I am just a crazy person for doing it. He told me I mustn't take any of it down at least until September and we should leave the snow scene up always. And I wanted to jump up and down "yes! worth it, I'm not just a crazy person spending her time in odd ways"

I do think August a reasonable time to take the stuff down. Bob was all negative on the frosting when I suggested it, fearing windows covered with ants, so much so, that he almost kept me from doing it. But you know, there isn't really any real food in that frosting. And taping some snowflakes to the window just isn't the same.