Sunday, July 20, 2008

who's a good bug

I am not aware of this bug (whatever it is called) being a predator to Japanese beetles. And perhaps this scene, taken two days ago was just a fluke. Or perhaps this bug is some sort of renegade (minus the treachery).

Today when I visited this whisper rose, unlike its nearby twin who is convered in beetles, there was not a single beetle to be found on this plant, what I did find was this leggy bug standing alert and ready. So I consider him the guardian of this rose.

My roses are not doing well, black spot is getting them from the bottoms, and beetles from the tops. Ugh. I tend to them, but without great vigor. This concerns me, but I am choosing to put my time and energy into words. My goal is to get the entire story down in rough draft form before august places a fingertip to the lips of summer. And then by two weeks in to have the first rough draft edited enough to send about to family, for feedback. I don't know how much feedback they will give me (as far as I will be able to use for editing goes), but at least it is a start. And knowing they are waiting is helping to push me along forward, and knowing they will read it, will help me with the editing before I hand it over, as I do not wish to embarrass myself, or bore them to death.

I miss blog visiting I wonder what some of you are up to, and hope to visit you soon. But I am not good at doing a little of this and a little of that. I tend to get lost in activities, so I will only stop by if I have time after I have done my writing for the day.


Absolute Vanilla (& Atyllah) said...

That sounds like a very good beetle - one to be applauded, whatever sort he is.

Good on you for getting on with the writing - even if it means the roses suffer. My garden, I'm afraid, has to make do with the garden service and only that, when words entwine me.

You take care, and keep striding forward with your novel - good will come of it.


Bee said...

I am sitting in a damp house in New Hampshire, and reading your post made me wonder about my own roses! It's a shame that they are blooming with no one to admire them. (And since I've heard that it has been both wet and cold, I'm sure that black spot is having its evil way with my lovelies, too.)

Good luck with this productive writing jag. It must be a wonderful feeling to be making substantial progress.

Taffiny said...


Hi. I have very mixed feelings about it. It rained today, and I really wished I had gone out and taken off all the leaves with black spot earlier this week, so it wouldn't be spread with the rain splashing off infected leaves. I started doing that, but adding it in with beetle picking takes a bit of time, so.....

Thanks. I do believe that, even if the "work" itself turns out not to be so good, I feel certain that it is good for me to be doing the work.

I must be done for today, so sick of this section I am working on, thought I was moving past it, several times, several days, already but here I am still in it. My eyeballs so dizzy from the scrolling back and forth, they wish they could vomit back out the words.

Hope you are well. :)


I hope your roses are okay.

I am apparently hard to please, yes I am happy to be moving forward, but I am amazed at all the emotions, I can roller coaster through concerning the whole thing.
Fear I wont finish, fear I will and it will be horrible. I worry there isn't enough of anything, I worry there is way too much of lots of stuff that is boring, I get excited about this part one moment, then feel it is all useless the next. Look at all these wonderful repeats! Goodness how dull, look at all these repeats. (themes, ideas, words)
But considering all that, yes I am pleased that I am continuing to keep going with it. No matter the obnoxious internal chatter.