Sunday, July 27, 2008

behind in everything.

Cheese had summer camp this week, 3-D animation at the college, and I fell to running errands.

Garden is not in good shape. I've got fungicidal spray, but it is currently raining, so that will have to wait.
I've started taking off the black spotted leaves, but there are so many, it is starting to seem more like a serious summer prunning. I've never gotten so pricked with thorns. And I am finding it quite hard to get all the fallen debris safely into a plastic garbage bag so I can keep it away from infecting any more plants. Blah, yuk, bah.

My writing has only made teeny progress. It is to be the priority of this week, as is doing at least one plant each day.

Bob and I have challenged each other, to see which one of us can reach their goal in two weeks. His is to lose 6 1/2 pounds, and mine is to finish the rough draft (not the editing of it, but the laying out of, beginning to end).

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