Thursday, November 6, 2008

I love this part

No I haven't started writing for NaNoWriMo yet,
and my edit of Echo keeps plunging me into the cold of self doubt,
I am being courted
by sound: the galloping of horses, the wind in the trees, the flutter of wings on water
by scents: lilacs, meadows, woods, a saddle, baking bread, the people she loves,
by sights: red cherries, leaves falling from trees, lilacs blooming, velvet slippers, white swan wings
I am being courted by a story
I walked for a short time in the park this morning and I did not walk alone.
For she walked with me.
This is a beginning.
I know enough to know plot, but have yet to try to see, and feel it all. I am not yet working, not struggling, not yet trying to figure it all out, to have her reveal her whole self to me, and make us be..anything. I am still standing outside, peering in. And as I do, she sends images, scents and sounds out all around her, all round me, trying to entice me in. I know there are sorrows, sadness within, but she doesn't show these to me now.

Part of me is trying to focus on other things, but she knows how to seduce me, her scenes, her touching points, are starting to become part of my day, she reaches my senses no matter what else I think I am doing. And we both know it is only a matter of time..till I stop trying to walk on separately, and turn to her.

I love this part

Where I look, now she begins to lend me her eyes.
Where I feel, now she begins to lend me her heart.

It is almost time to begin our journey together.


Vesper said...

What a splendid feeling... Let it come to you.

Taffiny said...


Oh tis gone today,
but I know how to court her so she will again court me. :)

(I've gone and gotten myself all tied up with my edit)