Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I didn't work directly on improving my writing yesterday, but I did some reading.
And firstly I was annoyed that the story I was reading had some of the same imagery that mine does. No, this didn't make me feel common, it just got me riled up. I want the chance for my version to be known. And the longer I wait, the less chance my version has, for other people's will keep coming. So that was a bit of a pinch to wake me out of my stupor.

Secondly, I noticed that within the book I was reading there were some incidences of common sayings, and ways of saying things. And I realized it is not about reinventing the wheel (cliche), I don't need to stress over it to the extreme, to be harsh with myself, and unrealistic. No. I need to be calm, and go through and fix what I can see that is wrong, focus on the obvious ones, the big ones, and for now not worry about if there are others. That is what reader feedback is for. I need to keep my focus small at the moment, to work on and improve one part at a time.
I'll have faith
and I'll work hard.