Tuesday, November 11, 2008

It doesn't show up well in these photos, but in actual life, I love seeing the warm light hitting the hill, surrounded by grey.

Read the rest of The First 5 Pages today, not at all a good time. But hopefully it will serve its intended purpose.


strugglingwriter said...

I think it show up fine in the pictures. Very pretty.

I find reading my own writing to be an excruciating experience. I feel for you there.

Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

That is a lovely glow on those hills, so warming.

And yes, reading one's own writing, after a bit of a break, can be a bit "trying" but that's the whole point, it's the best way to see what is and isn't working. Good luck!

Taffiny said...


Thanks. There are some paragraphs dappled through the work that I think are quite nice, aside from those, each word leaves me with uncertainty. I can't tell if it reads well or poorly. Bob is reading it now, at a snails pace, but he does seem to be taking it serously and offering up help.



By this weekend (I am certain) I will be done for now and set it aside, while hopefully my "readers" will be reading it, so I will still feel I am making progress, while mentally I move on to working on A Fountain of Swans.
(which hopefully means after christmas I can do a proper edit of Echo).

I do find it a bit hard, in that the farther along I go, the more I realize I am at a beginning. But I am indeed glad, that I've gotten myself to walk along at all.

I keep seeing a promo for the movie Twilight, and I think of you, and how frustrating it is, to have like minded ideas already out there in the public eye, when you have been working on yours for so long. I get that pang, that pain over my work/ideas too.

Oreste said...

Hello Taffiny, a kiss from Rome. Ciao