Monday, October 20, 2008


Mannequin - a dummy used to display clothes in a store window.
I had to pass her every day on the boardwalk the week we were at the beach.
Bob wanted to know why I wanted a picture of her, I said, "because I never saw a mannequin that looked like she had breast implants before." ( the flash here flattens her out a bit)

Man-y-kin - a group or division of women, used like dummies to display their bodies in the world window we call media, for the pleasure of men.
I think bodies are beautiful. The naked body is not shameful. HOWEVER...I am sick and tired of women thinking they are empowering themselves by standing 90% naked in the public eye.
Who came up with that one?
I just saw the most recent Britney video, Womanizer, and can't help but wonder why every other scene has her naked in a sauna? Why I keep seeing her bra and up her legs in the other scenes? The man in the video has a suit on the whole time, except there is one flash of a male chest, which might be his. This made me think of the new Beyonce video (I have not seen all of yet, but I did see a clip of, probably while watching the Hills.) She is wearing, a bikini sized outfit, her thighs and body all oiled up, and dancing in such a way, that men being men, will say, "Oh yeah, she wants it."
The thing that I don't understand is this, these women are already established as singers, as entertainers, why can't they wear more clothes, and dance, um I don't know in a way less like, "give it to me now." ?
Maybe it does make them feel empowered, I imagine it does work well at getting men's attention. These women certainly are objects of desire. Wanted. Lusted after. Fantasized about. And they certainly are making bank.
But I wish it was more about the songs, the words, the talent. I know these women work hard. And I can't see that, I am a woman, and I am distracted. I am not thinking about what she is singing, what content it might be about, this woman's gifts, talents, whatever. All I see is her body, so that becomes what she is about, her body. And certainly she is her body, but she is also so much more.
And I can't help but wonder if women will ever (in the media) present the so much more first, rather than showing us her body, 90% naked, writhing, gyrating, and then trying to use that to get us interested in what if anything else they have to offer. And most do have a lot more than that to offer. Can't they sell albums (oops. Who you calling old? I mean CDs) and be successful in the media, and still be sexy, without being so blatantly sex?

by the bye,
While Bob will peer at the cover of Maxim while at the bookstore, he actually seems put off by these types of vidoes. I think because he like me, expects different content depending on the media outlet.


strugglingwriter said...

"why every other scene has her naked in a sauna"

It's because that's all she's got. Her music isn't very good and her singing isn't very good. If no one ever saw her and only heard her music on the radio, I don't think she would be as popular. It's harsh, but true.

Taffiny said...


Perhaps. That is what Bob was saying, despite her body he did notice her voice and didn't like it or the song. I still think she could be succesful though. I saw her on SNL a while back and she did really well. She is an entertainer. And she can dance. I imagine she can sing well enough. (It certainly is important who is writing the material/how well it is written, and the production of it. I think with a good song she could keep her clothes on.)

And Britney aside, there are those who we can agree on can sing, or act, or whatever, and still, espcecially in these younger generations, are putting it all out there and shaking it.

"Come on, sh- sh- sh- sh- sh- sh-sh- shake it."

ugh and guys can still look however guys look, and wear clothes in videos, and sell CDs.

Oh question. Do you think there are less guys singing badly making bank then females?
(this is not a loaded question, rather a sincere one)

strugglingwriter said...

Hmm. There are plenty of guys singing badly making money. I would lump most of "rap" into this category, although that is personal taste. I would also lump those doing "rock" right now into this category (such as Nickleback).

I guess Britney is a serviceable singer. I just really hate that weird mechanical voice thingy they always do to her voice. You are correct, though, she is a very good dancer.

I think the biggest problem for me is my taste in music is vastly different that what is popular. I'm just not a pop music person.

Taffiny said...

Yeah, I'm not feeling the electronic mechanical voice thing either. I can't even get so far as consdiering the lyrics in lil wayne songs, because of that voice alteration thing.

Bob shares your dislike of what is currently popular music. I am just fine with pop. I do though get annoyed sometimes with the lyrics, when I feel they are degrading, perpetuating something very negative, or even just when they have the opposite meaning of the chorus. (Like in the middle of an upbeat pop song about love, there is a rap that is demeaning towards women, or specifically toward the woman the rest of the song seems to be in love with. I don't get this. ???)