Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Happy Phoctober 1st

I am uncertain if Moon is doing Phoctober this year, (as in photo-October) a month of photo posts each day, but as I have fallen behind in my blogging in general and have nil photo posting as of late, I think I should definitely try for it.
So here is my day one, photos from this morning.

By the bye,
doing much better today.


strugglingwriter said...

Happy October to you. Great pictures. That spider one was creepy! Yikes!

Bee said...

Oh, that gray sky looks like England!

A spider in its web is so appropriate for October. As we live in an old barn, with lots of beams, we seem to fight with the spiders and their incessant web-building all year long.

Taffiny said...


And a happy October to you as well. :)
Thanks, I could see those webs everywhere about the yard yesterday (shiver).


England sounds wonderful in so many way, but that perpetual gray sky one.

I think spiders are perfectly fine outside, but I admit inside I do not do well with them. (and I feel a bit shallow as depending upon how they look, depends upon whether they get to stay, get transported outside, or get transported into the afterlife.)

Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

He said he was going to do phoctober again, but so far there's been no sign of anything - I think it's great though that you're phoctobering anyway!

Taffiny said...


Thanks Vanilla

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