Monday, October 13, 2008


with a little over 105,800 words,
plus my overlay of sericulture, one for silkworms, the other silk, =about 2, 500 together (they may or may not be woven into story, they may be woven in as they are, as in on separate pages, or may be dismantled and absorbed into the whole, or may just be tossed aside. But at any rate, they are done).

So rough draft number uno is finally done.
It is however way past my bedtime, and I had an unusually tiring and unrestful weekend, so I'm not currently feeling the Joy.
But hopefully I will soon. Perhaps not tomorrow though, as my being up now will result in my being too tired tomorrow to function at a high, or a cheerful level. (6am is a dreadful to get up)
Regardless tomorrow I should be onto editing. I am quite interested in reading it now that it is all formed, roughly, but still completely. I read through as of this moment sounds like a good thing.
My bed is calling me.
Goodnight, sweet dreams.


strugglingwriter said...

Woooooooo hoooooooooo! That is awesome news. I have yet to "finish" a novel, so I don't even know what that feels like. I'm so happy for you.


Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

Congratulations, Taff! Well done to you. Now just be sure you don't get postnatal depression! And do put the ms aside for a bit before you start working on it again - distance enables you to see it that much more clearly when you go back for the first edit - and subsequent edits.

GayƩ Terzioglu said...

Congratulations! I hope you do get some good rest to enjoy and celebrate in proper!

Taffiny said...


Thanks. It is awsome news, I remember when I struggled to reach 2,000 words, and never thought I could get to this point, yet somehow I still don't feel the yippee I thought I would. I feel more "Oh dear just what is it that I have created?" Still so much work to do.

I hope I can make this one work, make it good, if I struggle cluelessly too long on that score. I will focus (for several months) more on reading novels (to learn from), and on researching story project number two.


:) Thanks, I will definitely take some time before I do edit two, but I can't help doing a read through now (bad, I know), I've been so long working on it, and in parts and pieces, that I need to see just what it is I've got. I know you are right about the too close lack of perspective thing though. I am really sensing that as I read through.


Me too!!!
I wish I felt like celebrating. I don't yet feel a sense of accomplishment (which amazes me since I have come so much farther than I thought I would/could). Perhaps after I do my read through and print it out (so I can edit it on hard copy at a later date), I will feel like I've made progress. (You know, when I can hold it in my hands.)

Vesper said...

Wow, Taffiny! Bravo! This is fantastic news!
I know you're experiencing the "low" of having finished after the "high" of writing. Wait for a while... You'll feel much better about this when you start working on it again.

Taffiny said...


Thanks. :)

Perhaps so, for rather than taking away words in my first attempt at editing, I find I am adding more.

I find I am quite frustrated with attempts at editing. I am not one of those gifted in the art of constructing beautiful sentences.

michelle of bleeding espresso said...

Woooohoooo! And here I am about to attempt NaNo again....

Congratulations :)

GayƩ Terzioglu said...

Although I have not written a book, I know that feeling of achievement by holding in my hands the hard copy.
When I translate large projects (like a HazMat handbook for citizens) I like to print the whole thing out for 2 reasons: The above mentioned feeling, and proofreading/editing before I send it off to the agency.
I don't really get good results by proofreading the document on the computer screen. I find the best way is when you have a red pen in one hand and the hard copy in the other! Words come alive and begin shouting "correct me! change me! make me a better sentence!". :)

Taffiny said...


Thanks :)

Good to see you, I keep meaning to stop by. Seriously feels like time is water in my hands, forever falling through, before I can bring it up to my lips.

NaNoWriMo! I hope it goes very well. I know last year you had computer internet problems, and all the blogging obligations.
NaNo really helped me get in the practice of writing every day. ( I know you have already been doing that). It did take me this whole year though to finish it, but still...
May you create something wonderful, you are proud of, that takes on a life of its own, on, and off, the page. Living. Blooming.


I will certainly do that. I am doing my first read over now, to get rid of blatant mistakes, and make sure everything (like chapter divisions) is in line, before I print it out. But I think once I print it out, I will both feel more like it is an actual thing, exists, and will be better able to see what I need to work on.
I wonder why it is so different? Even with the blog, I notice I find a lot more things that need correction after I post/publish.

I dreamed one night that I read it all outloud and recorded it to play back to myself, to hear flow, or lack thereof I suppose. I hadn't planned on doing that, but because of the dream, I am wondering if I should.