Monday, August 4, 2008

should wear gloves

the upside of poison ivy, or whatever the culprit might be, is that it comes in handy, when my son acts up, I merely try to touch him, and he runs screaming. My enjoyment of doing so inspired Cheese to say "YOU are sooo immature, seriously YOU are like a 3 year old". Umhmm, tis true, but well he shouldn't dish it, if he can't take it.

Oh yeah that is today's official activity, writing, writing, writing.
To ignore the insecurities and go forward.
I have piles of books around me now, good ones to read parts of and teaching ones, to try and help me gain some knowledge to improve my work. But attempting to learn from them isn't my goal today, first I need to get the entire thing down on paper. The book piles are meant as encouragement, like a talisman kept near, that wont ward off bad writing, but if (when) I unlock its magic, might (will) help me find a cure for it. So when I get nervous seeing illness in my text, I can look over at the piles and say "it is okay, keep going, we shall find a cure later"

best I should be doing that, off I go


strugglingwriter said...

I hope the writing gets better. Here's an interview with Neil Gaiman I read today in which he say to basically keep writing, and that we all have to get through a million words of crap before we write good stuff:

On the poison ivy front, I have it all over my chest today thanks to the yardwork I did yesterday. I'm so itchy!

Bee said...

Goodness, what are you doing to heal your hands?

Hope the writing is going well.
xx, Bee

Taffiny said...

Thanks for the link. I listened to it while I cooked. It was helpful. I will focus on word count for now. Though I am uncertain if I am learning from sheer volume of writing, it is reassuring to hear others say I am. And that helped me bumble through today's writing, and I am feeling better. :) Thanks


The same thing I did to protect them in the first place, nothing. I can't keep calomine lotion on my hands, it seems I am frequently washing them.

Thanks :)
I am happy to be through today's writing. And I did get through the parts I was having trouble getting past.
Only thing is that means tomorrow instead of over-full and jumbling, I will be working a bit empty of material.

The months of January, Feb. and March, are a bit scarce on notes, and ideas, as my mind is always a bit scarce during those months. Perhaps my characters should just sleep through them the way I wish I could. (April and May are stacked sky high with ideas and notes). And then the story is fini.