Tuesday, August 26, 2008

blah...I m feeling haunted by the approaching school year. My son and I both consider getting up at 6am akin to tragedy.
And my writing, I am quite disheartened, it...rhymes with yucks.
The sunset however was beautiful yesterday, and a very lovely walk I had while watching it. (in an attempt at ditching my ill attitude, which I did during the walk, but lo here it is again).


Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

You know I've always been anti getting up early - yes, yes, akin to a tragedy - but while I was away in the bush we needed to get up really early on some mornings, like 04h30! The funny thing is, I've now found I actually embrace the day far more if I get up early and so I'm trying to stick with it - admittedly, it does mean I'm going to bed a whole lot earlier too.
Maybe there's something in that rhyme about early to bed and early to rise...
Hope your mood lightens and the writing flows more smoothly.

Taffiny said...


Thanks, I hope so too. :)

I always think I just need to fully step into, to find the rhythm in it. As you say, to embrace it, and then all will be well. I remind myself that there still are the same numbers of hours in the day, and the same number I get to sleep, if I can just make the shift. Only all of last year I hoped and hoped the inner shift would occur to match the outer schedule, but it was a year of purple bags under my eyes, and perpetual tiredness. (actually I should say our eyes). I really hope we can align our mindset and that a full nights sleep, and energy during the day will follow.

I am still writing, just I am fully aware of how badly I am doing it.
I am in that space where one looks at one's work, the ideas and execution, and it alll seems unworkable, trite, horribly bad. (goodtimes).

Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

Don't worry, Taff, I think we all go through that - looking at our writing and saying, "urk, awful" - but then we walk away from it for a while, leave it, come back and set about tidying it up and making it beautiful. It simply seems that this is how it is.

Do so hope you find the rhythm of days and hours for each day, for yourself. Just go gently and honour your good self.

Vesper said...

I wake at 5:20 every day so that I can leave early from work to pick-up my daughter from school. Although I often find it difficult, it also uplifts my spirit because the day seems that much longer.

Don't be upset about your writing looking bad, as Vanilla said, it happens to everybody. Often, looking at pages written a long time ago and semi-abandoned, I'm very plesantly surprised, "I wrote this? Hey, that's not bad at all!"


Taffiny said...


Well I am not at all surprised that you find that, when looking over things you have written. :)

I will try to look on the brightside of getting up early, might as well, otherwise I will make myself unhappy. I do so agree that it makes the days seem longer, perhaps with some adjustments, pleasantly so.

Today was the first day of back to school. Hopefuly I can pull myself together soon, and do posts, and blog visiting again.

Bee said...

"Our" first day of school is tomorrow . . . so I should get to bed soon. (I am in complete agreement about the unpleasantness of early mornings.) I haven't been on the computer much lately, for various reasons -- some of them holiday ones -- but I wanted to send you greetings! Hopefully, a fresher autumnal wind will rev up your creative juices.

Taffiny said...


:) Hope you have a good first day of school. So far so good here. Tired but fine. Wishing you the same happy burst of creative energy.