Tuesday, August 5, 2008

more of the same, working with words, trying to get to the end of the first rough draft.

Odd looking I know. But everything I read said to get rid of any/all leaves with black spot so...

Writing went very badly today, or rather it didn't go at all. I was supposed to get through writing winter, instead I got stuck on research, and am still snowed in there. With more questions than answers.

And as an extra bonus I followed the sound of a loud dull thud at my window, to see a fallen bird, and I watched it for a moment expecting it to get back up and fly away, the way they always do when this happens, but instead its dark eye looked up at me while it cryed silently several times, then closed its eyes, shut its mouth, set its legs, and died.

Wednesday now. Dead bird made it into story, I decided it could work well as foreshadowing.
In related news, still shoveling my way out of mental (and lack of info) snow.

Okay Cheese and I must go to the grocery store, but when I get back, I must write winter. What I don't know, I can, I will, fill in later. Time for snow shoes. Cold. Stillness. I will perk up my ears, to hear the soft sounds of winter.


Bee said...

Your yellow rose, stripped of its leaves! Just the other day, I asked my gardener (Bob, funnily enough) if I should take off the leaves with black spot, and he replied, "Nah, just spray them every two weeks." I agree, though, that the books say otherwise.

For getting in the winter spirit, I recommend reading either "The Shipping News" or "Smilla's Feeling for Snow." Both very cold and wintry, with much description of snow.

Taffiny said...


yeah I find advice on such matters confusing, as I read in one place, leaves are important to collect energy for winter survival, and in other places infested leaves must go. I don't know, I am confused. I'll do a bit of both, and spray all, and see what happens.

Snow snow snow :) I haven't ventured into it yet. I chickened out and spent my time doing editing for tense. As in correcting all my past tense to present. I tend to fall into that in my writing.

Thanks for the suggestions. I'll look into it when I go to make it good (edit the rough draft), right now I am just trying to get it down, and trying to do so by Saturday, so I am doing my best to keep myself from reading things that might pull me away from writing. That said if they were right here beside me, I would surely pick them up right now, as having had this computer on my lap for hours, I feel like I am being baked.

Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

Aw, Taff, so sorry you've been struggling with the writing. It goes like this though, doesn't it. I've found myself procrastinating most horribly, feeling totally unethused about my edits. Or should I say my re-re-re-re edits. It just gets a bit much - but still, one pushes oneself on.

Shall I send you some real winter, will that help to write winter - no snow unfortunately - just cold and grey and occasionally far to very very wet.

Good luck with it all.


Taffiny said...


Yes I suppose that is what one does, just push on through. That is what I am trying to do.

It is hard to imagine being in the re-re-re-edits from where I stand now. So while you feel stuck from time to time where you are, to me back here, you seem fabulously far along.

Thanks for wishing me the good luck, but please don't send any winter my way :)