Sunday, August 3, 2008

mentally icky, feeling whole story am working on is total S- H -I- *!

not stories fault though, idea fine, but the execution...well the execution makes me think of the other definition of execution.
Like the poor struggling thing needs to be put down, like that would be the kind thing to do.

On cheerier shores, my mother said of me the other day "Taffiny is good with words"
I'm going to hang on to that like it is a life jacket and see if it can't help me float along a bit till I can get to someplace better than where I am mentally swimming right now. In the sh*tsea.

well the first draft is supposed to be bad, isn't it?


Bee said...

Well, a compliment from a mom is always a good thing.

And yes, I'm sure that a first draft is where you explore and meander and eventually work the kinks out.

Taffiny said...


I should clarify that such a compliment (any compliment) is in no way common to me, from anyone, family, friends, meandering elephants, no one.
(though you blogging lot are sure a supportive bunch).
But I mean in my day to day life. So this seemingly little thing, is actaully GREAT BIG HUGE!
I went to art school, majored in illustration, and no one ever called me an artist, no one said this is Taffiny she paints. I had a good friend at the time who also painted, and her family lavished her with these sorts of titles, and I wondered what I could ever do to get one.

Well I am quite certain it is where I meander; I can only hope, and hope, and hope, it is also where I eventually work the kinks out.

Bee said...

Well, you deserve to be lavished with compliments and titles, too.