Thursday, November 5, 2009

7,850  Spent too much time at ortho with son, and then errands, wish I had written more.  Done for today now, it is almost 8pm on Thursday (aka I am going to watch TV).  I did manage to write notes, and pieces in my notebook while at ortho, so at least I have more stuff to add tomorrow.


strugglingwriter said...

You are doing great. You are on track, or very close to it, right? Good work!

Taffiny said...

Actually I don't know. I never did the math for the 50,000 track, aiming instead for a total of 30,000. But I am starting to wonder if maybe I should change my strategy and push myself more, and aim for the 50,000. Since so far, I am finding myself surprisingly able to write 1,000 words a day. So maybe that means I should try to write more than that, but I'm worried that if I make it higher, I will freak out and go blank.

Thanks for the encouragement!