Tuesday, November 3, 2009

4,779, Day 3 of NaNo, behind if I am going for the 50,000 goal, but I am going instead for 1,000 a day, so I feel fine with where I am.  Writing this is a lot different than the year before last when I did Echo.  This is much more just writing down whatever, sometimes just stating what will happen next, rather than discribing it, not even trying to. If I don't know, I vaguely suggest it, then move on.  My words are not at all well chosen, they are more merely thrown down.  Whatever comes, down it goes.  Nothing finished, nothing precious about it.  At best it will be an underpainting, maybe even just a primer.  There is dialogue in it, and all that, but with Echo, I knew more ahead of time, there was research and preparation, this time I still don't know my character's voices, who they are.  It feels so strange to just keep plowing forward without worrying about all the unknowns, or about getting it right.  I am writing badly, but freely, and today I must say even easily.  Because nothing I wrote needed to be qualified. When going for quantity rather than quality so far, it is easier to move things along.  And knowing I will have to rewrite it, and rework it all later, I'm finding appealing rather than making me feel like writing it this way lacks value. Writing this way means it is okay to get it wrong, okay to guess.  Later I will still have tons of questions I need to answer, I will still struggle over sentences, and the best way to say something, but while I am doing all that I will have some structure, a lot more than I had before this.  And I will have answered some of my questions.  So even if I stop NaNoWriMo tomorrow, I will have made some useful progress, moved myself farther along this story path.  And knowing that, I see no reason why I should stop tomorrow.

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