Tuesday, November 10, 2009

19,262 is word count on laptop, but some of it is more notes than writing, details listed, not truly changed and worked in.  I'm not sure if I will have time to write tomorrow so I tried to do some of that today.  But it didn't flow well.  I needed to do some research and was having trouble finding it, and then the boy and the man that I live with kept interupting me to share really important stuff like, "hey did you know those snow blowers that I like cost $400 something."  me "yeah, that's great, super."  Why was he telling me that?  I guess because he wants one but can't see parting with the money.  But why yell it to me from in the next room when he knows I'm trying to write.  And my complaining about it, didn't deter him from other loud comments about TV, or just general observations about...nothing. And I do mean loud, as I had my ipod on to try and drown out any distracting sounds.  And when he finally relocated out of ear shot, the boy arrived.  So I did get some words in, and ones that do matter, but I wasn't able to feel into the story and really write.  I'm finding that researching while writing does help fill in details, but it definitely effects flow, and emotional energy.


strugglingwriter said...

You're kicking my butt, you know, even with distractions :)

Taffiny said...


Not really, I'll try to pop over to your site tomorrow and share the "secrets" to the wordiness of my writing style...
Hopefully all of your words, your word count, really count. (unlike a bit of mine.)