Monday, May 12, 2008

my draft is temporarily up to 60,897, because I am having a really hard time writing this section, and I keep losing track of things, and I don't know the best order, so I am taking any prewritten sections and just plopping them down into the draft (trying to organize, but still not very...), also typed in a bit more from notebook, later I will print out the whole lot (and it is a whole lot), spread it out, and go through with highlighters and see if I can't sort the grand mess out. Hopefully tomorrow I can chop away all the extra, and weave together pleasantly what is left, and add that which I can not add now because I am too confused.

Oh, now tomorrow is today, and I am not any further along than when I wrote this yesterday.
It has finally stopped raining and the sun is out which is wonderful.
I should go plant the peony, the rose of sharon, and the rose.
No I should exercise,
No I should finish cleaning,
No I should eat so I wont be in pain like I was yesterday
No I really should write
oh I should do it all.
Yes but which should come first?


JaneyV said...

In times such as these I always put the kettle on and make tea.

i know what you mean about the draft getting away from you. I think its best to plough through get it all down and then go at it with the shears after its settled. You never know what gems you might uncover.

witnessing am i said...

Congratulations on completing what you have -- 61k is nothing to sneeze at. Keep plugging.

Be sure to eat, to take care of yourself. Without you, no flowers will be planted, no sentences formed.

Taffiny said...


I so want to enjoy tea, it seems to create a certain atomosphere I long to be in. I can't handle caffeine, but the herbal teas, I think I could do, I should try to make a ritual of that.

I'll feel much better once I wrestle this part into something workable. I've got letters (or rather my character does) and parts need to be read, and woven into the characters present life. I am not sure of the order the letters should go in, and I am not certain of the activities that go with the letters (well some I know because they are obvious).
It is all just the problem of working on something off and on for 10 years, and having oodles of scattered notes and thoughts. But I'll take you as right (as I am not ready to handle the shears just yet), and toss the whole lot in, and then go back over it.

Witnessing (you are),

Well you could, but at a rate of one sneeze per page, that would be a lot of sneezing. (thanks for saying that :) )

Oh, I didn't mean it that way, no I am not talking about getting so absorbed that I forget the basics. I was complaining a bit about the annoying way my stomach has taken to hurting and causing me troubles if I don't pop something into it every few hours. ( I like eating less often, and eating more food when I eat. I hate eating lots of little things throughout a day.)

Without me, many flowers will still be planted, and many sentences formed, just none of them in my yard, or for my story (which to my mind would be sad indeed).