Sunday, May 18, 2008

the photo from a sunny day, not at all today

I mean, I know I shouldn't go about thinking I can tell mother nature her business,
it is April showers bring May flowers
not rain in May keeps drought away
still the rain is good for the flowers (as long as it doesn't start getting marshy), the planted ones that is, the three currently sitting on my porch, not so much. We are out of manure, and gardening soil, Bob said he would buy some yesterday, but then it started raining, and he said he wasn't going to be hauling around wet sh*t. As it is raining again today, I know I will be facing the same excuse. Sun tomorrow?

I am very pleased that some writing snuck up on me last night. I was locking the doors and double, triple, checking them before bed (as usual), and I suddenly had a sense memory from childhood. I decided I would add this to the story (changing the memory), so I jotted it down. Then when I woke this morning, fully planning to go back to sleep, my mind started joyfully mucking about with the idea, and it expanded. So now I have several pages, so far springing from the locking of doors, or of not (haven't gone into writing what his sense memory is yet), and it lends itself to being included near the beginning of the story, and then something happens shortly after the part I am writing now (which is past the hub of the major climax), and also has implications in what happens at the end. And the whole thing lends itself well to metaphor in the story. So aside from the hour and half more of sleep I thought I needed, I am happy. I love it when something suddenly occurs to me, from a seemingly random act, and then works its way into the story, weaving itself in fully, and it feels like it was always supposed to be there, like it always was there, "how did I not see this yesterday?".


Absolute Vanilla (& Atyllah) said...

I love it the way one simple act or thought, can inspire a whole new thread or set of sequences in a story. I have a midgrade novel that I am planning on going back to - I know my main character is a bit weak and I needed something to make him stronger, or to make the reader more sympathetic to him. A single idea dropped into my head which then helped make sense of other things that were going on and subsequently resulted in a new element, which which will add more depth to the story.
You have to just love the organic aspect of writing.
Have fun with your story - go from strength to strength and enjoy it all!

JaneyV said...

As part of my writers course I'm being encouraged to keep an image or thought in my mind as I fall off to sleep, then get up an hour earlier in the morning and before doing anything else, write whatever comes to mind. It can be an image, a feeling or paragraphs of unconscious thought. The idea is to unlock our unconscious and see what kind of creativity is there.

So far I haven't managed it because I am so not a morning person. But you seem to have it nailed! :0)

Vesper said...

It's great when an idea comes to you like this triggered by a little something like a gesture, or a smell, or an image. And I know the feeling when you are able to scribble it down. Wonderful! :-)

Taffiny said...


Thanks for encouragement.
Yeah that organic elment is really cool.


Oh I am not a morning person at all either. I keep hoping it/I will magically change. All the time I tell myself how all the how to books say to write first thing in the morning, when you are still in only a half awake state. I have yet to do this.
I do have a calender in my bathroom (I don't know why), and it is scrawled all over from the past two weeks, as I have gotten up to go to the loo in the night, and had to written done story notes that were prancing about in my head. Part of me thinks this funny/odd, but the rest is gratefull that some of my mind is now centered on the story, whether I am fully awake or not.


Love it when it just falls into ones lap, or mind. Like a pleasant gift. :)