Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I fully intend to do a real post tomorrow
I had a weird week. Not bad, well except for the panick hyperventilating the night before some scheduled tests, and that was after I got up the nerve to cancel them. Boy did that confuse Bob. "Calm down, you already cancelled the tests. My god what is wrong with you?!". I was busy doing the ugly cry and pacing and feeling like I was about to pass out.
I can't justify my response, that is just what it was.
Earlier that day
I shook like a leaf when I went to give blood. It seemed to annoy the person taking the blood. She couldn't believe that I wasn't cold but scared. She made me hold my arm still, unable to shake that any longer all my other limbs shook in its place. "Come on now, it is not that bad!" she declared, and I answered truthfully "No, it isn't, but I can't help it." And I couldn't. Last time I gave blood, it hurt, it took 5 tries and I was black and blue for two weeks. This time, this lady, got it on the first try, I scarcely felt it at all, and you can't even tell which arm was used. But still I couldn't stop shaking. She very sternly but politely told me to unclench my fists "breathe, breathe. You have to breathe". Bossy. If I ever have to give blood again, I am definitely going to her, whether she likes it or not. She's magic.
The day before that I went to the doctor and was not at all aware that I was shaking till the doctor pointed it out to me.
Oh well. I am a bit like a dog who shakes at thunder, and then subsequently any sort of noise that reminds the dog of thunder.

Went to NY yesterday with Bob and Cheese (Cheese wanted to go to the Nintendo store), he turns 12 today.


Absolute Vanilla (& Atyllah) said...

Happy Birthday, Cheese!!!

You know, I've had so many needles stuck in me, tubes stuck in me, that I've learned to just take it all in my stride. You need just one good person to take blood and for it not to hurt, to realise that it's really not that bad. But I think being afraid of having a needle stuck in you is perfectly normal - I mean let's face it, it can be sore and it is a weird kinda thing to do. No one does it willingly. So glad you found someone who was "magic" makes SUCH a difference.
LOL reminds me when I was in hospital once and getting so many jabs, the nurse eventually started using my backside like a dartboard. "now just lie still," she'd say, whilst standing on the other side of the room and chucking the damned syringe into my butt! We can cope with a remarkable amount when we have to.

Taffiny said...


Very brave lady you are.

Sounds like one of those horrible at the time, funny as heck later on, stories. :)

Tis true we must endure what we must endure (glad you were able to get used to it, sorry there was need for you to). Yeah, it is all a bit strange, needles, tubes, wires, and I being my wimpy self just decided that I need not endure any of it at present. The unwell I was in, seems to have finished its current cycle and I am on to more pleasant things. Like being annoyed that I mixed up my iris plantings (wrong colors/wrong places.)
Drat, but oh what a lovely problem to have.