Wednesday, June 25, 2008

no post, well you know, except for this no post post.

busy busy busy with housework.
why oh why did I start sorting through everything in the clothes closet?
Because it needed to be done.
Oh right.
But now it all seems messier than when I started, stuff piled here, and stuff piled there.
Depressing too, taking all my clothes that I have gotten too chunky to fit into (otherwise known as all my favorite clothes) and sticking them in some great plastic crate, so I can see what is left that I can wear.
Also getting rid of the worn out, and the never worn.
And putting the sweaters and winter stuff away.

Dishes, laundry, mopping, and other such activities are rounding out the day's fun.
Oh and I actually made two real meals. (got lots of pots and pans dirty)
I like things clean, but I do not like to clean, so I am the opposite of cheerful today.
But I am grateful for all that I have, well not exactly grateful for the 10 or so extra pounds that I have, but pleased that so far I can afford to buy and eat food.
Now where was I? Oh yes, I was striving for gratitude...
Yeah, right, okay, better do the self, mental pep talk while I am actually Doing stuff.


Bee said...

Housework is, at least, satisfying in the completion and the (oh so brief!) clean house.

I wouldn't mind it . . . if it didn't all need doing again so quickly.

Does the fact that you are storing your "favorite" clothes mean that you have accepted the 10 extra pounds? (I have the 10 extra pounds, but not the acceptance.)

Vesper said...

While you're doing this mindless stuff, your mind could weave your stories... :-)

Beautiful flowers!

strugglingwriter said...

Good luck with the "doing stuff". That doesn't sound fun.

It will be nice when it's all done, though, right? :)

Mediterranean Views said...

Must be the solstice or something, I'm ina cleaning organizing mode,with many of the same feelings as you. My trick is to listen to either you tube videos (conferences etc..) I've found on blogs that I'm interested in hearing, or an audio book. This week's is a classic short story collection that I haven't listened to in awhile. Everytime I focus on something different; use of langauge especially verbs; story structure and conflict; how much dialogue is included and how; the senses and setting. All very helpful for my writing and classes, while making dusting, mopping and organizing, more bearbale (sp?)
Enjoy the positive results before it gets dirty/messy again. That's the ebst part.

Taffiny said...


Yeah, I wouldn't mind cleaning, if then the thing was done, and the cleaning would keep, it is the fact that one has to keep cleaning that unravels me. No sooner do I turn from a task then it seems it needs to be done again. And then I start getting cranky with the boys, instead of seeing them as "my loved ones" I start to see them "as those people who keep making messes and never clean up after themselves!"

No I haven't accepted the weight. But looking at the clothes day after day turned out to not be motivating but depressing. I may or may not eventually fit into those clothes, but either way I do need to be more fit.


That is what I am thinking. I feel like I have taken a bad turn, and am stranded in some parking lot in a foreign country. I can not find my car, I can not read the signs, and I can not figure out how the heck I ended up here in the first place.
Rather than feel like I am getting stuff done, I feel like I am letting an opportunity slip away. But I keep telling myself "I am almost done", I keep thinking once this is done and that is done, I will be free, and uncluttered..
I don't know.
I guarantee I wont still be doing this stuff by Monday. It will be done, or I will be done of it.
No. July must be about writing, or else I fear my life never will be.


Thanks. Yeah it will be. I like my closet loads better now. It seems more peaceful, in alignment, each with its kind. And me knowing where the things are that I like, and even that which I don't much care for is now separated out in nice neat folded stacks. (that I can glare at).


Perhaps it is, I hadn't thought of that (solstice).

I do listen to my ipod, music, but I need new stuff, as I have heard all my songs a hundred + times. I hadn't thought of listening to a story. I should certainly try that for regular cleaning, dusting, mopping, et. cetera. I don't know if I can employ that strategy for organizing, as my brain keeps popping and buzzing, and grinding to a halt, might make it hard to properly follow a story along. I like the idea though, so will seriously consider giving it a try.