Monday, June 2, 2008

I'm not around

but I'm nearby

in my garden
digging and planting
soon to be matting and mulching
I hope to be all done (except of course for up-keep) by the time Cheese is done with school
And to get back to writing, which has been lost to plant fever
but the farther I wander out into the garden the deeper back into story I seem to go
the darn notebook pages are getting full again, though I promised I wouldn't write one more thing in them, swore anything I thought of would go directly onto draft pages.
On the one hand I am frustrated as these notes make me feel farther away from finishing, more stuff I have to wade through and organize, and figure out the how and what, and where of. But another part of me is all smiles, I was empty in the winter, like my plants, asleep, nothing whispered, spoke, pulled at me. But now it does, and I am gratefull, to have my story voices back, in and amongst my flowers.

Bob told me he felt bad the other night, guilty, as he rode his skateboard down our driveway, while I was bent over a mound of dirt, digging and planting, "I feel so guilty having so much fun while you are working away". I said "but I am having fun", and he said "maybe, but not nearly as much fun as I am". He was wrong. Perhaps a different sort of fun, but I was happy. There is meditation in, a hum to, planting. I am on the task, I am in the music of my ipod, and I drift along on little currents of story. I am peaceful, easy, joyful, planting, dreaming.

Weeding is another matter, we wont talk about that.


strugglingwriter said...

At least you are writing and thinking and working on the garden. I haven't written much for a week, though I do have ideas. I don't think this novel will be done before next NaNoWriMo.

Taffiny said...


Oh, I'm not so much writing, more like note taking, jotting down things to be included, bits about gardening, clouds, music, perceptions, and scraps of dialogue. (oh and of course, a few metaphors have come crashing down upon my head)

Is that the deadline by the next NaNoWriMo?
I will be upset with myself if I am not done by then either, I've been working on, or "almost working" on mine for over 10 years now. If yours mostly orginated last Novemeber, then I think to fully complete it within a year would be impressive. (At least it would certainly be impressive to a literary turtle like me).

Vesper said...

I'm glad that your story speaks to you again.

Wouldn't you consider sharing some small fragments of it with your blog readers? :-)

Taffiny said...


Me too. It gets kind of scary when something you are working on suddenly gets all quiet on you.

Hmm.. I don't know. You mean, some dialogue, or a scene, or part of plot, or theme.....or? What sort of a small fragment were you thinking about?

Vesper said...

A scene, maybe. Not something that will give away your plot, or anything like that. A fragment that could be taken out of the novel and not suffer too much because of this.