Monday, June 16, 2008

just recalled other book I read, (not just started) this year
Tuck Everlasting


Bee said...

Good one!

Although sometimes I wouldn't mind living a BIT longer in a youthful body.

Taffiny said...


Me neither, I don't necessarily want to live forever, but I would, truly would, like to live a bit ( another hundred years or so) longer than our current life expectancy. So let's see, then, normal aging till 20, then extend out the rest of it, slowed down, to cover a 200 year or so span, actually make that 20-57, extra slow, looking like each stage of age for twice as long, and just put on that 70-90 aging stuff, physically in the last, um...10 years, tagged onto like the 190 year old part.