Monday, March 10, 2008

odd security blanket

don't think I will do a real post today, go visiting instead.
but here is yet another bummer post (non-uplifting). Tomorrow I shall do a fun topic.
Early Sat. morning 4am, got up to use restroom, when lay back in bed, to sleep on my right side as usual, had crushing pain and burning, in right upper arm/shoulder around to back of shoulder blade, and in center of chest. Like no pain I have ever felt before. (I guess sort of like how it feels when your muscles are burning from fatigue when you do tons of reps of something, joined with the feeling of being compressed, like different parts of my body were crushing the other parts) Turned onto my back, pain in arm started to get better, then the pain in shoulder, pain in chest persisted for a while. Then the burning, and crushing stopped, but the tightness stayed in the center of my chest. Movement seemed to threaten a return of the bad pain (trying to cover my feet with a blanket, started it again, so I stopped doing that), so I barely moved for an hour. Finally the pain was mild enough and I felt relaxed enough to do internet searches (In bed), which I thought would make me feel calmer, and they did, after about an hour of that I fell back to sleep.

I assume I either pulled something, or have GERD. I am not aware of having heartburn, I mean yeah I have had it on occasion, but not frequently. I do tend to have issues with my stomach though. (as I was all day Friday). And I had noticed last week, that I felt better when eating really warm foods, like soups. I'm thinking about doing one of those limited or rare foods diets to see if I my body just doesn't like certain foods.

Since this happened I have had, on and off, a feeling like there are air bubbles, or a lump trapped under my sternum, this seems to be consistent with acid reflux, or an anxiety type of reaction, according to the world wide web. My chest has a dull ache from time to time, as does the middle of my shoulder blades, and bending my head down is unpleasant (these would make sense if I had pulled something).

I have now become rather reliant on this darn hot gel pack. I can not go to bed at night unless it is on my chest, because it always makes me feel better. Which I guess means, either it is a muscle pull thing, or has now become a psychological thing.
I feel silly, and quite like a hypochondriac for letting myself become so anxious. When the pain persisted I thought about going to the hospital, and even Saturday during the day thought I would make an appointment to see a doctor today, mostly for peace of mind. But now I feel that is unecessary, unless something else were to happen, or unless my imagination runs away with me and I become fretful. I am writing it out here, as I am trying to clear myself of it. It took too much of my weekend thoughts and energy. I want a mental reset.


Paul said...

Taffiny - I hope you are feeling better. That sounds miserable.


JaneyV said...

Taffiny - first visit! link from Vanilla.

Sounds to me like gallstones. Did you have something like cheese at dinner? (dairy cheese - not suggesting cannibalism!!). It's something that seems to be particularly prevalent among women. I was 31 when diagnosed.

See if this helps. Lie on left side, massage under ribcage, deeply but slowly in circular motion from your right to left. Drink lots of water and try to avoid saturated fats. I found dairy was the one that set me off. Also see if it's worse if you're feeling stressed or pre-occupied.

Of course I could be completely wrong!

Taffiny said...


Actually it was. I am feeling better now. But I admit it spooked me a bit, so now I have to "get over it" and back on to better things.


Hi, and welcome. :)

Thanks for the information, I will certainly look into that.

I am going to try (emphasize the word try) to cut out some food groups this week, like wheat, corn, and dairy, and see if anything improves.

I did indeed have dairy that night. Friday night is the night that Cheese makes his super cheese pizza, with at least 4 kinds of cheese, plus tomato sauce that has cheese in it (he didn't get the nickname for nothing).

Thanks again.