Thursday, March 20, 2008


to have time to visit blogosphere later today, or tomorrow.

as our household's Official Liaison to the World of Magical Creatures and Beings, I have been a bit busy lately. Plus I am also She Who is Responsible for the Doing of ALL Things Domestic, no matter how much I try to convince other household members that I do not wish to carry the title.

I do so prefer when Easter is in April and the flowers have begun to bloom. And it feels warmer and you know it is spring just by looking out your window. Or not even, you can just feel it through the walls, it just feels different.
I believe today is the first day of spring. YEAH! So we are on our way.
and I am happy to see some flowers are on their way!

Which means the time I spent this fall, on my hands and knees, digging in the dirt, is likely to result in bloom.
( which is not the way it has usually worked out with me and tulips, or me and daffys)


Vesper said...

I hope you had a happy Easter, Taff.

It's so nice to see plants coming out of the ground, and even more if they mark the success of your efforts. Unfortunately, we won't be seeing the ground too soon. My backyard is covered in a compact layer of snow, chest-high - and I can walk on it...

JaneyV said...

As much as I quite like winter, the second spring starts pushin' those shoots through the ground I find myself begging for the warmth of the sun and longer days. I understand what you mean about hope although to me it feels more like optimism. Can't wait for it to really start.

Hope that Easter was good! I too have the mantle of Domestic Drudgery to bear. My Hubby is better than most at helping out - which is good - because Domestic Goddess I certainly am not!

Absolute Vanilla (& Atyllah) said...

Hope you had a wonderful Easter, Taff.

Looking forward to seeing all your hard work in full bloom!

Taffiny said...


Thanks, I hope you did too.

Mine was ok, it is still a bit sad though for my family because different family members have moved away. Today my sister-in-law and her daughters came up from VA, and we had a second Easter, that was really nice.

Oh....CHEST HIGH!!!! Bless you. Suddenly I feel gratitude for the sight of winter grass.


I can't wait either. I am seeing more of the sun, but the air is still quite cold, and I keep going out without my winter coat, and being annoyed that it is cold. Calendar says spring, so I want to be warm outside. (must work on my patience, so I can appreciate these days).

Indeed I am a rather cranky cleaner. I'm perfectly pleasant once the work is done (and am glad I did it), but while I am doing it, I tend to get very annoyed at the people who I believe have made the mess. Glad your Hubby is a good helper :)

The stuff I did for Cheese for Easter did not go so well, not bad, but not as well as I had hoped. The St. Patrick's Day pranks went over really well, but the Easter Bunny, well her work was not appreciated as much. He was a bit disappointed, and since a nice bit of work went into it all, I was a bit frustrated. Oh well. Live and learn.


I hope you had a wonderful Easter.
I am getting excited, peeking over at the beds each day to see how the progress is going.
Does this mean you are about to step a little toe into fall, or do you have some time to go yet?

I hope all my floral kids have survived the winter.

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