Monday, June 15, 2009

The start of summer. Not officially, but the start of summer vacation for my son, which makes it the start of our summer schedule, or lack there of, depending. For the past week I've been thinking that I need to create a summer schedule, but I also don't like the idea as it seems anti-summer to do so. Summer, ideally, lazy unstructured days focused around sunshine and fun, days by the pool, trips to the beach, barefoot in soft green grass, sitting under a shady canopy from trees, smelling the flowers; outings of mini-golf and amusement parks for Bob and Cheese. But I might not get things done without one, or I might spend all my time worrying about, stressing over trying to get this or that done, and not know when to relax. So..
I'm trying to work out my summer schedule. So far all I have is Sunday off (yep thought of that all by myself I did. :) ) no exercising, yard work,trying to learn how to sew, writing or editing, on Sundays. Now all I have to do is figure out how many days and what times of the day I'm going to do all of that stuff. Writing of which, I'm supposed to be exercising right now, 6 days a week before 12 in the afternoon, is my idea for that one. I have let too many days get away from me lately, and I am miserable when I am working- out at 9 or 10pm. Oh well, I guess I best do that now, I haven't figured out when my blogging time will be, but clearly it can't be before my working out time; because that just wont work out. :)
I know I wont be back today though, as I must, I must, finally finish my planting.


strugglingwriter said...

The schedule does sound anti-summer, but you gotta do what works I guess.

Good luck with everything :)

Taffiny said...

Thanks. Sad to say, haven't gotten around to making the schedule yet. I guess I need to schedule in some time for making a schedule. :)