Monday, June 1, 2009

I'm still around. Just can't seem to find time. First exercising and son playing with 8 year old triplets from next door. Then exercising and planting (oh and weeding, have some kind of itchy red poison on arms; it is easy to stop the itchy feeling though, all you do is scratch till it is displaced by pain). Spent time cleaning for home appraisal with intention of getting better mortgage loan rate. Two weeks left of school (keeping after my son to do, and then actually turn in his homework, is strangely a full time job). I haven't been blogging, blog visiting, reading, writing, editing, or researching. My intention is that, that will all change any gosh darn day now.


Vesper said...

What a beautiful lupin!

that will all change any gosh darn day now - It has to! I hope it will for me too - I feel I've been living in a rut for too long.

I like very much your new blog look! Yummy! :-)

Taffiny said...


I hope then that it changes for both of us.
Ah the start of summer vacation (for the kids anyway).
Maybe I should have used fruit or veg. as now I am thinking, mmm wouldn't cupcake be nice. But as I do not have any in the house, I suppose it can't eat too many, not even any.