Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Joined facebook, because both a friend and my mom asked me to. Still not really sure what one does there, but assume I will figure it out by and by.
Tired of the whole raining thing.
Looking forward to Harry Potter movie coming out.
Writing? I know I need to do a rewrite; now I've just got to get on with doing it. All I really need is the right frame of mind. I just don't seem able to find one.
I've still been focusing on losing weight instead of writing. I've lost about 10 pounds, which has me thinner than my chubby clothes, but heavier than my thin clothes. To truly wear my thin clothes, I probably need to lose 5 more pounds; I'm just not sure about that actually happening; but I am happy to have made it this far. I feel (and look) more like myself.
I went rollerblading down our street yesterday. It was embarrassing because I know I look old, and at first I was very unsteady (it's been years). But I ended up having a good time, and because I felt foolish, the activity brought forth a childlike giddiness. It was good to have a nice laugh at myself.


strugglingwriter said...

I'm looking forward to the Harry Potter movie too.

Great job with the weight and great that you got to do some rollerblading. Having fun with it is all that matters.

I'm on Facebook and have found it interesting to hear from people from high school I hadn't see since graduation night.

Taffiny said...


I guess reconnecting is the thing, only I don't have that many old connections to revisit. But still it would be nice to find more out about these people now. It sounds like it has been a neat experience for you.

Jarmara Falconer said...

one always needs to try new things or have a go at things we once use to enjoy doing to keep young and active. But I draw the line at joining facebook ;-)

Taffiny said...


:) While I don't usually sway to peer pressure; I thought for once I would just jump off a bridge because everyone I know is.