Friday, February 19, 2010

looking ahead


I don't usually share dreams, I mean the kind that take place at night, but this one still lingers.  I was to board a caboose.  Why? I don't know.  There were no cars in front of it, just the caboose. (sounds like me.) And there were no windows except for the the ones that looked forward in the direction the train/caboose was facing.  I went inside, surprised to see that from the inside there appeared to be a row of windows on each side, and in the back. I took my seat (lone passenger.) and as it moved through the snowy landscape, past trees, homes and farms, I watched the images moving on the windows, and noticed something odd about them, that what was happening on the right was a mirror image of what was happening on the left.  It made me feel slightly dizzy as I quickly looked back and forth trying to understand.  And I did, the windows in the front were true windows, all the rest were mirrors, though they didn't reflect me or the interior, they only reflected the forward view.  They did so from side to side, and also what I thought was a back window, looking to where I had been, that too was merely an opposite reflection of where I was going.

I hope this means that even when I feel like I'm making zero progress, (like now) that I am still moving forward, that it is all in essence, forward. 

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