Saturday, February 10, 2007

Romantic movies and cell phones

In spirit of upcoming Valentines Day, I'm wondering how cell phones effect romantic movie plotlines. You know, the big dramatic scene, the race to the bus,train station, airport, to reach them, to tell him/her before he or she gets on that transportation the equivalent of being lost to us, gone forever. All the misunderstandings, and tense moments, possibly solved by ring ring, calling them wherever they are and saying, I'm sorry and I love you, blah blah blah.. I guess you still could do those scenes though, my cell phone is always running out of batteries just when I need it (and thus I have been known to carry it around in my purse, but to only turn it on, when I want to make a phone call. This has been known to irritate people trying to call me), and if you are really mad/upset with someone and devastated by something they have done, I suppose you wouldn't answer your phone when they called you. That still does leave the option for them to text message their butts off though, the lead would have to be stubborn enough, and strong willed enough not to read it, or maybe would read it but just not believe them, but then why would they believe them in person either? Those run to catch them at the altar before they get married scenes could still work, no one tucks (well I hope not anyway) a cell phone into her wedding gown. And hospitals, and once you are on the plane, there are cell phone restrictions.
Most of my favorite plotlines concern misunderstandings (not those running scenes), or mis-reading the other person, certainly modern technologies allow for plenty of those still.

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