Saturday, February 10, 2007

Harry Potter

I am nervous about the 7th book. I am so excited to know I will be reading it in July, will be the last one, when I turn the last page, there will be no more story about it to be told. ( I will hardly be alone in my saddness) It will be over. Also what if something horrible happens, as it surely will. I am still not over Dumbledor (sp?). I thought I would have re-read the 6th book by now, but I am not anxious to re-make that journey, knowing all to well where it is going. I will have to read it again before July. Before the 6th book came out, I re-read all the others, I started in about February and I am not a quick reader so I was going crazy trying to get them all done before the 6th one came out in July, I think it was the 16th. I am glad we know this one will come out 24th, or so, so we wont take our vacation that week. The 6th came out day of vacation, we were up at 1am driving around till we found a copy, we were so tired when we left to drive to shore, my Mom let us pick up her copy for her and take it with us, we had three books, one for each of us, and that whole trip was a blur, my Husband was done first, and he was such a pain almost telling me stuff, and saying this and that "oh but it doesn't effect the plotline". (shut up) I want to find out myself. We spent much of our trip reading the book, talking about what might happen, what did happen, what probably will happen, what we hope doesn't happen. This time around I want to separate the shore and Harry.

My 14 yr old cousin who died in December really liked the Harry Potter series. My Mom, (her aunt), got us all started on it. (not traditionally an avid reader I am unsure of how she happened to be reading it. But once hooked she went after the rest of us full force and wouldn't stop till we were all as hooked on it as she was/is) So it is my Mom, my aunt, grandmother, my aunt's two youngest (I think her older two too), and me, my husband and my son, we all read them. When I think about the book coming out, I think about how my cousin wont be reading it with us, how we wont get to talk about it with her. I wonder if there is such a place as heaven, and if when you are there if you want to know something, a story perhaps, if you can still read it, or know it? I suppose some would say if there is such a place as heaven, then when you are there, you wouldn't care about how a story ends, or the next chapter, but I don't know I really think that I still would. I will still want to hear stories, and know what comes next, of both the real characters from my life, and the ones from the books I read, and maybe even the shows that I have watched. I will praise God, and be grateful, I will sit under the tree, I will sing to the flowers, then they will sing to me, then someone will please tell me what has happened on Grey's Anatomy. (maybe if you can't watch it, or just know it, maybe then that is a way to meet new souls in heaven, there would be groups, sort of like in the bloggosphere, and the newly arrived from earth who watched the show, would give an update, and then join the group, and then the next week newbies would arrive and tell about that episode. Okay, so that is totally ridiculous, but now at least I am amused by silliness rather than being sad over loss)

The sun has been shining lately thank goodness, it really does make a difference, seeing the light reflected off of everything.

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