Monday, November 18, 2013

Typing up my notes for NaNoWriMo is diving into a crazy mind hopscotching through a story. What mind writes everything out of order? Certainly it can't be mine. Turn a notebook page and land anywhere in the story. Scenes are strewn and scattered, never sequential. Never.

 At least now that I am on the second notebook, entries read from left to right, in the first one, I put entries in from the back of the notebook to the front, plus I randomly opened it and wrote notes in. So when I turned a page I never knew if I was looking at the first or last page of an entry.

 I type and type on, even though some of it is clearly awful. No point in struggling over single puzzle pieces before I see the overall picture.


strugglingwriter said...

It's good you are writing. I've written about 19,000 words thus far. I know I'm off pace, but I've still written 17,000 more words than a normal month. That makes me happy.

Paul (strugglingwriter)

Taffiny said...


Good job pantster, I'm impressed. Honestly I don't know how you are doing it. I find it hard enough just trying to type up, manage, and connect, ideas I've already written.

I agree the important thing is progress. That we are writing more this month than we usually do.

My NaNo count is 20,291. My JAD word count here is higher, it includes parts I've already done. Like I said I am cheating- by typing up performance enhancing previously written words from several notebooks. But my husband insists it can't be cheating if no one is getting cheated.

Brandy Jiang said...

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