Friday, December 2, 2011

    I can not believe how angry I am over a TV show. I had trouble sleeping last night, and when I woke up this morning I had this nagging unhappy feeling. I was like, what is this? So I mentally went through the negatives of yesterday, still suggesting I might need blood pressure medication and wants me to get an MRI I can't afford (not pleasant, but I'm employing strategies to try and avoid both, so I don't think that's it) threw-up on the floor (yeah well what's new)...and then my mind arrived at the X Factor, the elimination of Drew (yep that's it), the cause of the feeling.

    I had already found the show to be annoying (not in the beginning weeks but once we arrived at the judge enhanced stage performances), I don't like the overkill production, and I haven't enjoyed the judges banter, not their direct comments and not their back and forth with each other. But I kept watching the show anyway, because I liked the contestants. And I still do, like all of them, that is something the show got right- giving every contestant a back story- letting us get a sense of each one of them, so that we would care. And of course I have had my favorites: Josh, Melanie, and Drew. I fully expected them to be the final three. And though I am embarrassed to admit it, yes I voted.

    Drew, she was my favorite. I don't understand why the judges didn't save her. Or at least send it to a deadlock so the person with the lowest votes would go home. I would be sad if it turned out she had the lowest viewer votes and was sent home, but if I knew that then at least I would still be able to watch the show. I would be sad but think oh I guess people didn't realize they needed to vote for her, or maybe everyone else doesn't enjoy that unique tone to her voice as much as I do. And that would be that. But that isn't what happened. Of course Simon tried to save her, but the other three just tossed this shimmering sparkly girl aside. Ugh, I am so angry with the judges, and with the show, that I can't tolerate the idea of watching it anymore. I would like to support some of the other contestants, but whenever I think of the show I just feel sick. I can't stand the idea of watching and listening to those judges anymore.

Personal prescription: eat more watermelon, less salt; do those weird eye and head exercises to improve balance and combat dizziness; don't watch the X-Factor.

(not sure what to do about the darn cat, I suppose I do have to keep feeding him.)

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