Thursday, October 21, 2010

  This is going to be a long haul.  I don't know why it should feel like such a hard thing to do.  I just starting reading over Echo, yep 2 1/2 pages in, and already I've bolted to come here and whine about it.  I will say this though, I read my initial first page of chapter one, and then the one I rewrote last March, and the March one is better (and I even know why and how it is better!).  So the good news is that while I am terrified to read over my work and attempt to "fix" it, I do have proof already by page one, that I am capable of reading over it and making improvements.

a bit like cleaning one's house top to bottom, reorganizing the contents of drawers and closets, choosing what to keep and what to toss, and deciding where everything goes, and how you want each room to look, and to many many decisions, and I have never been good at that.  Oh look here I have procrastinated myself out of time (surprise surprise).  Not good.  I must get my son from school and take him to the Ortho.  Well at least I'll take a book.


strugglingwriter said...

"a bit like cleaning one's house top to bottom" You are right and I don't like doing that, either!


Taffiny said...


Still hiding from it. I have painted an old chair, 3 picture frames and half a wall though. Procrastination makes my house funny colors.

Mediterranean Views said...

funnt how we are all different, I like the editing process. Look at the good that comes from it and delve in with optimism at the future outcome!