Thursday, October 8, 2009

 In my last post, I forgot to mention that (getting distracted along my way to making a point as usual), later that day, I read an email from the local writer's guild, and for our annual conference, James. N. Frey (not the guy who wrote a million little pieces) will be the keynote speaker.  So having just been inspired by him, I am now really looking forward to this conference. 

 The bad news is I am already behind today with getting my workout done.  The good news, the reason is because I was writing, adding more to a scene in Echo.  Finally, finally I am writing again.  And I don't just mean plunking my butt down in a chair, and staying there till I get nice long strings of words on a page (though that is the most important part); I mean thinking about the story and writing in my head, when I am brushing my teeth, and driving the car.  Story has come back to weave in and out of my every day life again. Little whisperings.  Perhaps then there really might be a writer someplace inside me.  Hopefully I can stay attuned to this, and keep working, and learn new ways of working, so I can bring my life closer to a time, when I can know she is there, and be that writer.

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