Tuesday, March 24, 2009

easily replaced?
I was amazed at how happy the cat was for this stand in. I actually had to chase him off of her twice during the building process; he just couldn't wait to nap on her lap. It is rather a shame though that I can only get a double to take up leisure activities in my place. If only she could replace me by doing stuff like fixing dinner and washing the dishes. The cat did not enjoy her for long though, Cheese insisted that this St. Patrick's day leprechaun prank was creepy, and had me disassemble her. (this year since he knew that I was the pranker, he critiqued my work)
I've been pretty busy lately with Cheese and troubles with school, primarily over his homework, lots of late nights, plenty of fights, and tension, but we are both working on a new attitude. And the school guidance counselor told me how important it is NOT to let such things become the focus of our relationship. So I am trying not to tuck my frustration in my pocket, but to just let it go, while still offering structure and support (and discipline). And it is going much better, perhaps because Cheese has been begging for a husky, and Bob has told him we will only consider it if he starts keeping up with his current responsibilities, aka school. Or because we have all changed our emotional approach to the situation.
Cheese and I have started going to look at puppies (though personally I am not keen on the idea), and we were going for long walks (walk and talks, 5 miles for our feet, and Cheese tells me what is on his mind, including chatting about girls, and making up stories). But we haven't done much of that lately as he has started hanging out with the 8 year old triplets from across the street (two boys and one girl) and that has been a bit of change in our day to day lives. We never know when they will come over, we might not see them for days, possibly a week will go by, or we might see them four days in a row. Their presence brings quite a different energy to our house, unlike anything we are used to. We enjoy them but we do get overwhelmed at times (setting boundaries and enforcing discipline are not my strengths). And now when they aren't here Cheese complains about how quiet the house is. (I have noticed that they distract him from asking for a puppy :))
I really haven't been working on my writing, it seems like I never have any time to...I have started exercising regularly again (which is good), I just need to figure out how to fit everything I need to into my days. I am very nervous about the writing conference this Friday and Saturday, but I am excited about it informing and reinvigorating my writing. Give me those spark plugs baby.


strugglingwriter said...

Exercise is good!

I'm glad to hear things are going better on the school front as well.

Good luck with the writing conference. I'm sure it will be good.

Taffiny said...

Thanks Paul :)