Sunday, February 1, 2009

sick. At least finally well enough to go online for a couple of minutes. I hadn't been sick like this in 11 years. I can't remember ever having gone an entire day without eating anything like I did on Friday and I was too sick to sleep or watch tv. Miserable. Yesterday I had a small banana and a soft pretzel, and was able to watch movies :)!! Today my son, who has no other interest in the super bowl, keeps asking, "what are we going to make to eat for the super bowl!" Actually we were supposed to go out to eat to celebrate my birthday (which happens later this week), but my current food ambition doesn't go beyond hoping I can eat some diced pear and not regret it.
"What do you think, fish and chips or corn dogs?" He just asked me. Obviously I can't eat either. I just hope whatever my husband and son make the smell isn't nauseating, and that they clean up afterward. (my refusal, over the past two days, to clean up after either one of them has caused some tension between them, but eh..I have faith that they can survive one more day.)


strugglingwriter said...

I had that twice last winter. I feel so bad for you because that is the absolute worst.

Get better!


Taffiny said...


Thanks. I can not imagine having it twice. Glad you survived it. I was so miserable I couldn't stand to be in my body (but had no good alternative). I keep thinking I'm better now, then I try to do stuff and feel light headed and horrible, or I try to eat more normally and feel sick to my stomach. But still I am so happy to be so much better.

strugglingwriter said...

Yeah, it took me a week or so each time to feel like myself. There were some dark moments in there for me when I was going through all that. Again, get well soon!


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