Friday, September 26, 2008

bad mood.
Perhaps the rain will wash it away
I am Grumpy and Sleepy, sort of Dopey.
But at least not at all Sneezy.
Would rather be Bashful and Happy.
No Doc with that today.

calmer now. I haven't been blog visiting scarcely at all for quite a while now, but as my mood has been so bad today I wasn't ready to work on Echo yet, so I did go to a few. I just got back from Witnessing I am, his post The Next Story, I enjoyed much, and it helped me come back to center. I know we aren't to steal each other's lines, but he has one about writing being like dancing with a lion, that I am quite taken with. I have thought of it in many ways, including it is like wrestling tigers, and swallowing alligators. But dancing with a lion, now that I haven't done. Maybe that is what I need to do today. Dance with a lion.

I hear music. Clawed paw extending, palm up..


Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

I hope your dance with the lion was a good one - which didn't involve fur, claws and fangs! :-)

Bee said...

I've been having trouble writing, too, but mostly because I'm just so obsessed with and worried by various disasters -- political, banking and hurricanes, to name a few.

Are you doing any gardening these days? I have some pictures to post (soonish), including some roses.

Taffiny said...


Still haven't tried it. Day to day life keeps taking my time, while I try to figure out my approach. Not sure how it will go.


:) Gardening, not so much. Between my attempts at writing, and the tensions at home I haven't gotten around to it. But perhaps if I did, I would feel better. I have been exercising some, but no endorphins have come my way. Have you seen my endorhpins? If so, please contact me, or better yet just send them running off toward home. I'll have to stop by and see your roses.

Bee said...

For endorphins, you must take a long walk in the crisp fall sunshine!

Taffiny said...


Thank goodness the sunshine is back. My mood has thus brightened. (though oddly still highly variable. Well it is partly cloudy.)

Hopefully later I will stop by (if not then surely tomorrow). I am desperately, oh icky work, I am passionately (much better choice) trying to finish thee rough draft (#1) today, so that October will be about improving it, not creating it.

Indeed I am sure I could use a brisk walk out of doors (mentally and physically); now who is going to come toss me outside, so I am forced to do it?

(the wasp walking along the indside of my kitchen window should forced outside as well)