Sunday, November 28, 2010


Just over 52,000 now.  Which should cover all my information (research) words that didn't make themselves into story words, but stayed on the page because I will need them there when I work on it in the future.  I wont work on before next summer at the earliest though. I am just happy to be done. 

Done that is with the NaNoWriMo challenge.  Not nearly done with the story, not research wise, not editing wise, but I do now have a complete structure.  A roughly sewn first draft.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

50, 982.
Not that all the words count. there are variations on a scene, and some info details- in it, which need to be smooshed together, and written up in a nice way. But that sure isn't happening today.
I am glad at the progress that I have made, but i have not enjoyed it. I was up till 12 last night just trying to get it done because I am so sick of not having anytime, and always working on this thing.  And the holiday did not feel holiday-ish.  I have missed out on a lot of time with my family lately.
I haven't even eaten today yet (okay I had an apple), because i thought that with just 1,600 words to go, I would be done much sooner than 4:30.  Oh well, done for now.

Hmm, don't know if I will try to tidy it up over next several days, or focus on tidying up my house instead, (got a bit neglected)(understatement)(dishes always got done though)

I can't imagine I will do this again next year. Glad I did it, but...
time for me to focus now on quantity and learning how to edit, and instead of seeing if I can achieve a certain word out put per-day.
I do have to admit though, that it really does help me to work through blocks, and to come up with stuff that my normal procrastinating and hesitant self would not.
So it helps me learn how to make things
Now i just need to learn how to make things good.
Not tonight though, or tomorrow. 
I need family time, and honestly some TV time too.

Monday, November 8, 2010

I don't know where my NaNoWriMo icon stuff went.
I reached 13,629 words today. But I don't think I'll make it past 25,000 (if I make it that far).  I think there is too much research that needs to be done on this one, and doing the necessary research and making my writing quota for the day, is more time than I have in a day. 

Monday, November 1, 2010

1,728  my NaNo word count for today.  Can't get widget to work.